Air Cooled Chiller
Customized up to 40 ton

Air Cooled Chiller Systems provide innovative, cost efficient, custom engineered
solutions for a variety of HVAC needs including structural buildings as well as vessels.
Our designers possess the experience to meet your specific needs whether you’re
newly constructing, renovating, or simply replacing your equipment. These units
are also amongst the quietest and can be designed to fit a specific area where space
is challenging.


• Reliable compressors
• 410A refrigerant
• Cabinet and frame construction to meet your needs
• Stainless steel components for extended life
• Compact for easy install and replacement
• Required sound levels achieved in a cost effective manner
• Factory tested
• Single-source responsibility with factory assembled chiller system complete with pumps, piping, and controls

Air cooled chillers are a common type of liquid chiller because they are simple to install, easy to maintain and typically less expensive than water-cooled chillers and evaporation cooled chillers. Air coolers eliminate the need for cooling tower or condenser water pump so they often take up less space than other types. Air-cooled chillers work by piping refrigerant through a condensing coil and blowing air through the coil in order to condense the refrigerant and dispel the heat into the atmosphere. They are designed to lower the temperature of any liquid such as water, chemical coolants, oil, brine, alcohol, acids, and other fluids. Air-cooled chillers vary in their condenser flow rates and evaporator flow rates, both of which are measured in gallons per minute or gpm. Other specs to look at are its power source, cooling capacity, fluid discharge temperature, compressor motor horse power, and the range of ambient temperatures in which the chiller can operate. Our air-cooled chillers provide simple and effective solutions to many process cooling needs.


Controls: Four (4) stage Electronic temperature controllers with constant LED readout on standard units. (4) Low pressure gages (4) Hi pressure gages. Testing valves underneath for hi and low pressures.

Refrigeration Components: Efficient scroll compressors, sight glass/moisture indicators, balanced port expansion valves, filter driers, pump down valves, accumulators, stainless steel evaporators/silver brazed.

Safety Controls: High/Low pressure safety, freeze, low water flow safety with auto reset, internal overloads or safety brakes for pumps and fan motors and compressors.

Operating Temperatures: Process fluid: 40 degrees F to 70 degrees F for standard units. Ambient air: 40 degrees F to 115 degrees for standard units

Construction: All welded stainless steel frame and powder coated panels

Warranty: Two (2) year parts One (1) year labor


  Scroll Compressors (4) 10 ½ Hp
(4) Copper tube/ copper fin-copper brazed
Stainless Steel Silver Brazed
Fluid Connection
(4) 1 ¼ in NPT out 1 ¼ NPT
(4)/ 600 CFM
Minimum Circuit Amps
Pump hp
1HP x4
Pump output
45-60 GPM @ 30PSI
  Tank size
100 Gallons
Tank Construction
304 SS
  Motors (4) 1 ½ HP SS 208-230/460 volt


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