Air Cooled Chiller
Customized up to 40 ton

Air Cooled Chiller Systems provide innovative, cost efficient, custom engineered
solutions for a variety of HVAC needs including structural buildings as well as vessels.
Our designers possess the experience to meet your specific needs whether you’re
newly constructing, renovating, or simply replacing your equipment. These units
are also amongst the quietest and can be designed to fit a specific area where space
is challenging.

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Water Cooled Chillers
Custom units from 2-50 ton.

Water-cooled Chiller Systems are commonly found on larger yachts and ships
It is typically placed in the engine room or bilge area with fan coils placed throughout the vessel. Known for their high energy efficiency and
high load capabilities several chillers may be stacked in series so that a differing number of units may run at any given time to maintain a predetermined water temperature. These systems are the quietest and take up the least amount of space in the cabin.

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